The land is heavy with radiation and the Elder Keian is wasting away under the burden of healing it. Believing the world would benefit more from Keian's wisdom than her death, her granddaughter Teru takes on the role of healer so they can continue on together for longer, sharing the load.

Help Teru navigate puzzles and heal the land in this radioactive platformer, but be careful, healing yourself can be just as important as healing a plant.

Game currently only contains tutorial level. We hope to be able to finish this game in the future.

This game was for: WeeklyGameJam / Week: 90 / Theme: Radioactivity.

Placed 3rd - WeeklyGameJam Week 90 Results.

TEAM: Art: ShainaSenpaii / Code: Benji / Writer/Narrative: Felmuffin / Audio: Dr_Monkfish

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsShainaSenpaii, Dr_Monkfish, Felmuffin, Benji
Made withUnity
Tagsnature, radiation, weeklygamejam, yamada


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 90 | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Art, concept, and sound are very promising! A bit of polishing on mechanics, and you're on your way to a very interesting puzzler!

Thank you very much! We do plan on improving and developing this game in the future! 

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Check out this video "Indie Sundae - Radioactivity (W90)" (1 hr 20 mins in)

Check out this video "Indie Sundae - Radioactivity (W90)"

I am in total love with the game sound, art and design <3

You are so kind! Thank you so much!!

Loved this game, even when it got.. squiggly.

I really enjoyed watching you play and am glad you caught the feels we were trying to portray.

I think you're the only one who healed the plants fully!

Thanks for playing

Watch Weekly Gam Jam 90 from Tiger_J on

Thanks for playing tigerJ!

So happy you enjoyed it and yes this is an intro to something bigger we hope to complete. can heal the flowers more.

I have to say, I love the art and the music goes it to perfection, i think you have a really original idea, i really enjoy it! :D

Thanks TAW8, we really enjoyed putting it together. If we manage to get it completed we'll update the page